Today Energo-Aragvi Ltd is held by 8 shareholders, including  4 residents of Georgia and 4 residents of Austria. 

The organization of Energo-Aragvi Ltd presently consists of the following  setup:



Taras Nizharadze  

Taras  Nizharadze, Master in Physics

Managing Director responsible for Financial & Administrative Issues

Archil Dzneladze  

Archil Dzneladze, M.Sc. Electrical Engineer

Managing Director for Technical issues




Sandro Edisherashvili  

Sandro Edisherashvili, Engineer

Manager of Operation



Office Organisation

Guranda Giorgadze  

Guranda Giorgadze, Master of Civil Law (Tbilisi University)

Office Manager



Engineering & Project Management

Andro Bregvadze  

Andro Bregvadze, Master in Road Construction
(Tbilisi University )

Head of Engineering & Project Management Department



Advisory Team

Werner Panhauser:   Electro & Mechanical Equipment
Hans Moesenbacher:   Environmental Engineering
Werner Johannides:   Electrical Engineering
Hannes Posch:   Civil Engineering & Project Management