Welcome to Gudauri the place of birth for Energo-Aragvi

Rezo Adamia and Hannes Posch  


Starting in 1985, an Austrian group in cooperation with the Georgian Resorts Corporation began to develop a ski resort in the mountainous region around Gudauri. Tourists of many countries came and enjoyed the wonderful nature, especially during winter.

For further development the safe supply of electricity soon became an issue to be resolved. As a result the construction of a Small Hydro Power scheme was discussed.

 Our central commando station in Gudauri  


To organize all resources required, Energo-Aragvi Ltd was founded in 1998. 


Shareholder's visit

The first step was to study the existing natural environment for a feasible project with respect to technical, environmental and economic conditions. Based on these studies the concession agreements and the power purchase agreement could be obtained in 2007. The shareholders consented on following Austrian standards and regulations as far as possible to make sure that the future SHPP will become one of the most advanced hydro power plants in the Caucasus Region. To convince investors from Austria and Georgia to join the project for implementation, Energo-Aragvi Ltd re-organized the shareholder structure. Since the Aragvi SHPP could be seen as a pilot project to tap the vast Hydro Power potential in Georgia, the project attracted much interest.


In 2011 the office of Energo-Aragvi was established at 3 Gotua Street, 0169 Tbilisi, Georgia and step by step our team was built up.