When Energo-Aragvi Ltd was established it was planned only to develop SHPP Gudauri. Now our future perspective has been extended and additional Projects are in the pipeline.



In March 2011 the Shareholders decided to implement SHPP Aragvi 1 and to prepare everything for financial closure based on the financial feasibility study. The project design and budget plans were prepared for physical project implementation. About 400 drawings were prepared for the detailed construction engineering. All required services and supplies were contracted out through international and local competitive bidding. Georgian and Austrian engineering companies were selected to prepare all the required documentation in cooperation with Energo-Aragvi Ltd. State-of-the-art technologies like Advanced Concrete Production, use of GRP Pipes, Reservoir Lining and Hydro Seeding were introduced.

On February 15 2012, first activities started. In April the construction works were initiated  and by the end of December 2013 completed. We had to overcome many obstacles, but in the end we managed to commence start-up operation in January 2014.



On February 3 2014 the first electricity was produced. Till the end of 2014 45.3MiokWh have been delivered to the 110 kV network system. In the first year of operation several adjustments had to be made to optimize and secure proper operation for the coming years.

We want to become a reliable partner to the Georgian electricity system. A young management team of very committed and educated Georgians was established within Energo-Aragvi Ltd . They  were sent to Austria for training and gathering experience.



Special attention was given to all environmental issues by selecting one member of the shareholders team to be responsible for following Austrian environmental standards in the project implementation.




During the construction period of SHPP Aragvi 1, we understood very soon that additional activities are needed to protect SHPP Aragvi 1 against heavy flooding and avalanches.

As a conclusion we decided to construct another smaller SHPP Aragvi 2 upstream of the existing SHPP Aragvi 1 and to integrate special retention structures to reduce flood water peaks and to collect sedimentation. For the design works specialized company "i.n.n." from Innsbruck / Austria with special know how in designing mitigation structures in mountainous regions was engaged.

At present the engineering works are under preparation and implementation is planned for 2016/2017