All our efforts obey a simple rule: ”You cannot build against nature”. 

We love the nature, we love Small Hydro Power and think it is one of the best methods for generating sustainable renewable energy to mankind. Therefore the top goal of Energo-Aragvi Ltd is to provide reliable electricity, perfectly integrated in the environment, nature and local population. We try to keep these principles high. 

According to our standards, the environment plays a key role when developing such a project. Not only nature but also the landscape and population have to be considered. Environmental issues were taken into account in each of the projects design and implementation phases.


Technology can, if properly put into action, solve most of the problems it creates.


We introduced a new technology called Hydro Seeding to keep the impact to the Aragvi Valley to a minimum and recover the riverbeds ecosystem as fast as possible.

Very soon there will be no visible remainder of the penstock. Only the reservoir, intake and the functional and outstanding architecture of the powerhouse will be visible.